Versatile Infinity Scarf

Pocket scarf

 A Sholdit® is a versatile infinity scarf with a pocket. It can be arranged around your neck in different ways. Carry your personal id, phone or other stuff in the zipper pocket of your Sholdit for security.

Enjoy our poem, courtesy of Sholdit®


squirrel with zipper

There once was an adventuresome squirrel named Stash,

But with no place to hide passport, phone, keys, or cash.

So off in search of somewhere to hold it,

Low and behold, was a secret called SHOLDIT® 

With products for function, fashion, freedom, and more,

It was soon realized, a renewed ambition to get out and explore.

From hiking or biking to concerts and travel,

Oh, what incredible experiences are now bursting to unravel. 

With a newfound zest, Stash started a trend,

And willingly shared with each and every dear friend.

For what you have long been searching to hold it,

Is an incredible line of products under a fun little brand we call SHOLDIT®​


The Legendary Tale of Stash is a creation of Angela Lee Diaz.  This tale explains the “why” of her decision to become an entrepreneur.  The versatile infinity scarf is the product of her decision.

  • Don’t want to carry a purse but you need the essentials?  Don’t stuff them in your bra!   Get a SHOLDIT®
  • Have a card holder on your phone, but you don’t want to carry the phone.  Get a Sholdit®!
  • Need a cover to nurse your baby.  Get a SHOLDIT®!

Fashion for all with our versatile infinity scarf

versatile infinity scarf

For active people who go all the time, our neck gaiter has a pocket and is patented. In fact, wear it in multiple ways including a clever twisting into a stylish beanie hat. You can stash cash, identification, phone, keys, and anything else you can’t do without in the spacious pocket with a zipper. The perfect accessory for active folks.

For Nursing mothers

versatile infinity scarf

The nursing mothers will find this scarf is a functional scarf and cover up with a built-in pocket to carry essentials! And when your infant is ready to nurse, simply use the scarf as a blanket. Carry pacifiers, wipes, creams, baby toys, and beyond. Specifically, lightweight and breathable, you can wear this scarf four ways as a neck wrap, as a shrug, or fold into a carry-all clutch purse and attach a wristlet. Keep your hands free while traveling, or going to events. The perfect gift for keeping your “necessary” and have your hands free. Especially, everything you need , right where you need it.

For Protection of Credit Cards

The SHOLDIT®. wallet is soft, stretchy, and perfectly sized. And it just got even better. It now offers RFID blocking material as well as a larger size to carry everything you need such as an iPhone 7s sized phone with a case.  Be sure to grab the attachable wristlet for when you really want to go ultralight! Perfect for warmer weather while shopping, traveling, concerts, sporting events, evenings out, and beyond. Also, the Wristlet attaches to your Convertible Infinity Scarf with Pocket when in clutch mode.  

versatile infinity scarf

For a Casual Cover-Up

Only by SHOLDIT®. will you fins the new Convertible Pocket Sarong. Our patent-pending sarong lets you keep your valuables safe, secure, while functioning as a cover up. This is not just a sarong, brilliantly inverts to make a stylish carry-all tote bag. Throw it over your shoulder and take it where ever you go.

These and other accessories of SHOLDIT® are true to:

  • Value for everyday life to create innovated accessories.
  • Our creations must have Function, Freedom, Fashion.
  • The elements of Function, Freedom, and Fashion drive out evolutionary designs.
  • Vision is to be #1 brand for Innovative Secure Based Accessories.

My Personal Review

I purchased two SHOLDIT®. scarves, one for me and one for a gift. The scarves are made well. The colors are vibrant and shimmery. The pockets are larger than I expected and will hold quite a bit when I don’t have my purse. What a treat to attend a football game or movie and not have to worry about losing a purse. Both hands to cheer my team on to victory. Both hands to applaud a great movie. The best purchase for me and I’m sure the person who gets the gift will LOVE it.