The Happy Flamingo

The Happy Flamingo is the best place to find your arts and craft supplies. We have a variety of supplies such as: Cardstock, Dies, Fabric, Faux Leather, Folders, Planners and Stickers, Stamps and Ink, Trim, Tools and Yarn. We are not just limited to these products. If there is something you need and don’t see, be sure to ask. We would be happy to look for it and if possible, we will get it in the online store.

The Happy Flamingo offers a culture of discovery, learning, and sharing. I have a Facebook Page called The Happy Flamingo. Come and join my Happy Flamingo community and see if anything tickles your fancy. I welcome all suggestions and comments to improve the site and encourage your participation. It is:

  • A place to Discover new ideas, techniques and materials. DIY Wednesdays on Facebook highlights a particular crafter creating something that is relevant to the season or a particular craft.
  • A place to Inspire Creativity and Learn Crafting. Inspiration Mondays try to start the week with a theme, attitude, challenge to last the week. This would be a spring board for new ideas and products from the site.
  • A Safe place to Share your struggles and ideas. Discussions, Questions, Engagement with other crafters online share challenges and successes.

The Happy Flamingo Story

Honestly, I don’t remember how I got started on my passion for flamingos. Was it the few trips to Las Vegas and going to the Flamingo Casino? What fun! Did I identify my inner soul with a Flamingo? I love their color, Pink. I love their odd stance. Stand tall, have balance. I’m short but I can still dream. Their beak shows determination to get that shrimp. I am a determined typed of person, very tenacious, never give up! Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. Strive to be a leader. What a Goal! I love Flamingos!

The summer when I turned 13, my parents wanted to give me something to do. They enrolled me in sewing classes at the Singer Sewing Machine store . That summer I made my first dress! That was the beginning of my crafting journey. Later, I discovered my Cricut machine. Branching out with the crafts, I make cards and scrapbooks. I LOVE CRAFTING!

My Web Store

In 2019, I got an opportunity to start a Shopify store on the web. I thought that a craft supply store would be an easy, in demand type of business. Needing a name for my store, the logical choice was “The Happy Flamingo”. Also, I established a Facebook page that promoted inspiration, promoted the products, promoted education and engaged the crafters as a community.

Participating in local Craft shows, I sell microwave bowl and dish Koozies, as well as selling mugs with various designs. My brand/Logo is the Happy Flamingo.

The month of March is National Craft Month. The Happy Flamingo celebrates National Craft month with a theme, “Craft for Others”. Using the creative powers for good! Challenging other Crafters to make something that will benefit someone else. Gifts for friends and family members, or even create special cards to surprise someone in the mail. Crafters are encouraged to check into special programs where people create items such as hats and art for charity. Their love for creating and making things provides a great way to help others who could use their spirits lifted! At the beginning of the pandemic, crafters were encouraged and challenged to make masks. These masks were collected by different agencies and then distributed.

My Goal for the Happy Flamingo

I want The Happy Flamingo to serve the do-it-yourselfer, the crafter of handmade goods, and the activity organizer that can use an extra leg to stand on for your crafting needs. As a crafter myself, a project completed and well-done gives me enjoyment and pride. It is a result of inspiration, education, and determination to deliver a completed product that you are proud of.

I will strive to help you find the products to make it happen as efficiently as possible. Would love to have you join me in my crafting endeavors. By signing up in Response Magic, you are giving me permission to email you with my finds. I also have a Facebook presence called the Happy Flamingo. Join our Community!