The Brain Re-Imagined

The Brain Re-Imagined is a peculiar idea. Our brains are the center of our being. Brains keep us ticking! Why would we want to mess with it? 

Our brains age as our bodies’ age. And so, we need to take care of our brains, as we do our bodies. How much attention do you pay to your brain? If you are like me, you don’t! 

I take my brain for granted. It keeps me moving and grooving but I take it for granted. On the other hand, my brain knows how to get my attention. For instance, I will get a headache. When I get a headache, I know something is not right.

My brain is my body’s computer. Simple things like walking and talking are affected by our brain. Our brain works 24/7/365. It doesn’t take a holiday or vacation.
With all the stuff going on in today’s world that is creating stress, conflict and dissention, I think my brain is tired. Why do I think this? 

Because I feel like I have lost my smile. I don’t want to do anything, go anywhere, or see anyone. Anyone else lost their smile? Let me help you get it back as I did. 

My solution is Brān-Snap it. I drank this serum (tastes pretty good) to give my brain the food it needs to get me back on track. As a result, Re-Imagine the brain now.

Want your life back?

Here is a product that will Re-Imagine your Brain. The Brain Re-Imagined

With a blend of 16 nutrients combined for an energy boost that lasts a long time. And so, its name is Brān (pronounced Breyn or brain). This is a chocolate flavored serum that goes right to your brain and feeds it. Great for a mood-lifter and that will get the smile back on your face.  This blend of nutrients will also help to burn glucose and will not store it as body fat. This is a big benefit for type II diabetics.

Type II diabetics usually suffer from ailments such as: insomnia, fatigue, always thirsty, frequent bathroom trips and sweet cravings. Talk about brain fog! These symptoms will cause brain fog. However, using our product, will take away the brain fog, and you probably did not know you had. I thought I was just getting “senior dementia”. Guess what, it’s the same thing!
And just as our computers need re-starting, so do our brains. Our brains consume 20% of our body’s energy, and every now and then we need to treat it to some TLC. (Tender loving care).

Introducing Brān Snap-It: The Brain Re-Imagined

There are 3 stages for Brān Snap-it to support your brain. Taken long term, your life will be re-imaged with epic proportions! Here they are:

Stage -1 Alpha

Brain Re-Imagined

Boosts Mental Energy

Instant Mental and Physical Boost

Improves Athletic Performance

Stage -2 Beta

Improves Mood

Supports Positive Thinking

Supports Feelings of Calmness

Stage -3 Omega

Boosts Mental Performance

Improves Mental Acuity

Improves Focus & Alertness

Don’t even compare our Brān serum to any energy drink on the market. There are no highs and lows as the energy hits and then wears off.   Nor will you have jitters. Protein drinks don’t work for me. Even still, I get hungry and tired, especially if I use it as a meal replacement. My preference is to eat food and get nutrients. Nevertheless, I have nothing against drinking nutrients, I just don’t want it to replace my food. 

These “shots” of Brān serum have really great flavors. In fact, the Lemon Drop makes a great lemonade. I can’t decide between the Caramel Macchiato and the Chocolate Sea Salt as to which I like best.  On the other hand, our 2 new seasonal flavors, Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Mint, are now on the regular list because we like them so much.

For me the reason that I take this daily, is for the peace of mind and body. Whereas, my mood is happier, I don’t eat to sooth my stress, and sleeping better at night is a bonus.


We have to choose how we want our future to unfold and do our part to make it happen. Although, we can take a “what-will-be” attitude or we can decide to be actively involved in creating a better me. I choose to be the best I can be and Brān, Snap-it, helps with my attitude. Consequently, it’s being more focused and having the energy to do whatever I decide to do.

Be the best you can be and give Brān a try. Thus, you will be amazed as your outlook on life transforms without your even thinking about it.