Stimulus Money for Qualified Businesses

Stimulus money message for qualified business owners about Employee Retention Credit (ERC Credit). Limited monies available, will go fast. Only $400 Billion was approved by Congress with the CARES Act. As more and more businesses are learning and applying for these Credits, the money is going fast . This FREE Money is for Businesses that kept employees (W2) and staff going during the late 2019 pandemic shut down, also supply issues and more. The qualifications are easier since they have been changed recently.

Step #1 – Qualification

We have a team who specializes in ERC rules and regulations. Your CPA may not be versed in this particular credit details. Our specialists have mastered the small print so that you get the benefits.  You give them the necessary documents. Our specialists will put together everything, and notify you of your qualifications.  If qualified, the stimulus amount for which you qualify will be disclosed. 

Step #2 – Processing

Once you qualify, you give our specialists permission to follow through with the IRS.  In a matter of weeks, you will receive a check for your money.   IRS is running behind at this time due to a back-log.  

If you have been told previously that you do NOT qualify for this credit, PLEASE CHECK WITH US!  The rules can be confusing and some may think that it is not worth the effort. Any FREE money that is not a loan will benefit your business! The only thing that you stand to lose is FREE MONEY.

Step #3 – Clarifying the ERC credit

It is important to note that this is a PAYROLL tax credit.  Hopefully, you have already filed your 2019 taxes but you have 3 years to amend. Another reason to get with us ASAP so everything can work to your advantage.  This is not a quick fix but with you supplying proper documentation, it can be easily dealt with.

Stimulus Money for qualified businesses

The Right Team behind you in processing the paperwork and IRS red tape is crucial in receiving all you are entitled. We got your back!

To verify qualifications, our processes implemented are telling us that almost every business really qualified for this program. Even if “Other Experts” have told you differently.

We understand that Knowledge is Power, Our expertise in the Knowledge for this dynamic program to get Companies resuming business. This stimulus package is a huge difference in thriving again other than just surviving.

Your best interests are our main goal in what we do. Our specialty is to get the maximum available funds for you in this program. We will leave nothing to chance to ensure the best results for you and your business.

We are here to help you get past the COVID-19 ordeal. Our new normal needs to be achieved. Many of us were thriving in a stronger pre-Covid19 economy. Let us help you get back there with this incredible program.

Details of the program include:

Stimulus Money for qualified businesses

NOTE: The qualifications for this program have recently been amended. Working with the experts is crucial to getting businesses accurately set up with this stimulus package. Several businesses have been helped even when they were told they did not qualify.

Complete the Qualification process. Submit your necessary information to our experts who will figure out your refund amount you are entitled to. Usually, this happens within 7 business days. And then it is your decision for us to complete the necessary documents, and the specialists will finalize the paperwork.

NOTE: The sooner the better to get processing, due to the back-log with the IRS.  Definitely, you want to secure your refund before the full allotted sum is used by the other businesses in the country discovering this program.

The eligible time frame for this program goes back to the tax year 2019 and 2020. These are the years you were covering Employees(W-2) during the Pandemic. It is imperative you have our specialists who understand how the amended process works. 

This is the best news ever. However, businesses that received PPP loans in 2020 or 2021 can still claim the ERC. Wages paid with the PPP loan that are forgiven do not count as qualifying wages for the credit.

Your ERC refund does not have to be paid back.  This is FREE MONEY to be used at your discretion.  NOTE:  If you owe the IRS money, they will deduct it from your refund. (which could be a GOOD thing)


The funds will be taxable as it is income for your business.  Please consider this when you receive the monies.  You will be given a form to file this income for your tax year when funds are received. 

You should receive the full amount of your payroll stimulus money unless you owe the IRS.

In summary, if you haven’t started the process yet, please contact us ASAP!  Long story short, the money is going out fast so get your paperwork ready!  We are waiting to hear from you.