Positive Energy Jewelry

Positive Energy Jewelry will bring your body back to life.  Reduce or eliminate the harmful electromagnetic radiation that surround us every day. Those EMFs are everywhere, they are everywhere! And our jewelry is created and designed to keep your “chi” in the best possible health.

When someone has chi it represents the essence of who you are. Your chi is your vitality in life, your radiance.  Health and order in your body is chi doing its job. Being aware of your chi gives you compassion for others (and yourself). No matter the good and bad in life, you will love yourself through it all.

Allow yourself to live a healthier, radiation free life. Our positive energy jewelry will help you become calm and more grounded by protecting you from EM radiation. Chi-O will restore your aura while protecting you.  Watch the video on how our jewelry is made and you will discover the ritual of blessing each piece of jewelry when it is finished.


Our Jewelry lines have a luxurious look and feel with beautiful finishes that last. However, it is not the only line of products we have. And all are designed to protect from EMF radiation which is harmful to your health. Our products ensure you live your best and healthiest life possible, radiation free.

For the Home: Chi-O Room Balancer comes with 2 pre-programmed Hologram cards with your purchase, Chakra Balance and Eliminate Negative Energy.  The room balancer comes with the same bio-friendly frequencies as the smaller version, but much stronger.  It will cover about 1000 square feet as we added 3 more Scalar Amplifiers. A small, rechargeable battery is used for power and a charge will last approximately 6 months.  Which means, you can take it with you whenever you need to go, while traveling or to work.

Just know the Chi-O room balancers also comes in another model. It is made of Solid Teak, and is attractive and organic looking. But this adds another aspect by making it part of your décor. For a limited time we are offering 5 Pre-programmed Hologram Cards with your purchase of the Chi-O Room Balancer.

For the Car: Car Balancer and Portable Radiation Detector/Tester

Can’t find a car in today’s market that is not full of computerization and therefore, EMF frequencies.

Naturally, your Chi-O jewelry is keeping you safe while driving, but what about the kids or pets that might be in the back seat.

New for us is the High Precision Digital Electromagnetic Wave Radiation Detector. Also, the Electromagnetic Field Radiation Tester and both are portable and can be used in the home, office or outside.

Brand new Electromagnetic Radiation Tester


The small discs should be placed directly on the device to ward off the EMF emissions. Especially, your cell phone! We hold them close to our brains all the time! Learn to use the speaker or ear buds, any way necessary to keep from putting in direct contact with your head. I digress, the small discs are perfect for small devices.  The large bio arc disc is more for rooms, offices, or even a nursery. 


Healing crystals come in a wide range of colors and each color represents a different meaning.  Our healing crystals are produced with Orgone which is energy. Another name for the etheric energy which fills the universe and throughout our body.  It acts as the vitality of the aura and converts negative energy into positive energy. This maintains a healthy and peaceful energy state.  We have Orgone pyramids mixed with different crystals that are very beautiful.

We recommend you use several Orgone items to have in the rooms in which you spend the most time. Place them next to TVs, Wi-Fi devices, computers, etc. that give off the EM radiation to improve the ambient radiation.

EMF radiation is a real detriment to our health. Here are products to help you combat the effects of EMF radiation. Our positive energy jewelry and other protection devices perform their purpose while giving you a better, healthier life.

While our positive jewelry and other products will protect you from harmful EMF radiation, we have another product that will give you energy from the inside. Brān is a Snap-it that is food for your brain. Other products are available to improve your overall mental and physical health. So be sure to check out our menu on our website.