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Welcome to MR Enterprises Offers, your online shopping mall!  We strive to bring you new and amazing products to enrich your life.  We have some amazing offers right now that you will find interesting.  Best of all, we continue to find more exciting products for your health and happiness.  And that “ain’t” all folks!! We have a system whereby you can grow wealth.

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Our mall menu is to the left so please take your time and see what is available NOW with more to come!  We think this is a great mix of Online Shopping and Opportunities.


With our Online Mall, we want to bring you a multitude of offers that save you lots of money.  Our offers are genuine products, usually from entrepreneurs just getting started, and have great life-enhancing ideas. 

You will find offers that will make you money if you are willing to work and be teachable. We have a system that is tried and true, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Just climb on board and enjoy the ride!


Here are a few finds that make our favorite list! Just use the search field and type in your product (keyword) and then just scroll down to see everything that pops up.

Wine of the Month Club

My wine club of the month provides premium fine wines to your door. Just know that these are not your ordinary wines, but we own the vineyards and we ship direct. Quality wines from our wine club and it is possible to get your wine for free.  This you really need to check out.

Snap-It for Health and Beauty

Here is a trifecta of Snap-It’s to give you back your mental awareness, better sleep, lose weight while you sleep, and get your youthfulness back.  You must go here and see what I am talking about!

Clothing and Apparel

Our lines of clothing and accessories are not to be found at the big box stores.  These are lines unique to the entrepreneurs that created them.  For instance, we have a line of women’s athleisure wear that represents your favorite football team, or not. Your choice. We just got an infinity scarf that has a zippered compartment to hold your ID, phone, etc.


Cryptocurrency is a brand new type of currency of which most of us know little about. Here you will find some information about this new currency. We are very excited to introduce products that will generate cryptocurrency for you. A brand new addition to our store is the Crypto Mining Watch. This watch monitors your body for optimal health performance.

That is just a sampling. I will mention that I am a crafter.  So, I have a category on crafting that I really enjoy and am proud of.  The Happy Flamingo is my page and I would be honored if you would visit.

I want The Happy Flamingo to serve the do-it-yourselfer, the crafter of handmade goods, and the activity organizer that can use an extra leg to stand on for your crafting needs. As a crafter myself, I know the enjoyment and pride of a project that is completed and well-done. It is a result of inspiration, education, and determination to deliver a completed product that you are proud of.

I will strive to help you find the products to make them happen as efficiently as possible.

We hope you will enjoy trolling through the menu of MR Enterprises online shopping mall. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. You can find us through our social media links or better yet, sign up on the right for our email updates.