Free Bitcoin Mining on your PC

Free bitcoin mining on your PC, who would have thought!! But here it is. A program that runs in the background and mines bitcoin.  Your PC will be running anyway, the app doesn’t cost anything to download, so this is FREE mining for bitcoin.

Interested in getting involved with Bitcoin? This is one of the easiest way you can do that by using your PC. You don’t have to know all the ends and outs of Cryptocurrency in order to “dip your toes in the water”.  You can learn as you go. 

  • Cost is 100% free
  • Real is 100%
  • Easy is 100% (if I can do, anyone can)

This is the right page that you have landed on to increase your cryptocurrency wallet and your knowledge. All you need to do is finish reading this article and follow the steps listed below.  The program that I joined may not be available for long so you need to act FAST. But once you join, you will get lots of education and increase your understanding of cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin is by far the leader of the pact, but other coins are being created.

Key Points to Recognize:

1. 100% free to join. Absolutely free to join.

2. With sign up, you will receive 1mBTC. Actually 1 thousandth of Bitcoin, which is only a few dollars in today’s market, BUT. If the price goes to $100,000, this would be $1000.

3. After you join follow the Simple 3 Steps in order to activate the “Smart Miner” app. You can have up to 5 devices per your account. Each PC will begin mining bitcoin 24/7/365. Just activate and forget. Your PC does the work while you go on about your business.

Ready to Mine Bitcoin?

This offer may not be available much longer to new mining partners. So you need to act now while it is available. Great way to make a profit without upfront monies invested. This could be worth of money over time. Literally thousands, if not tens of thousands, and all starting from free bitcoin. You really need to sign up now.


You must have a PC or Android device in order to mine bitcoin. Right Now it does not work on Mac.  Up to 5 devices are allowed, but you only need one to start. If you only have a Mac, you won’t be able to mine Bitcoin but there are other ways you can get Free Bitcoin. Step 3 below explains how to boost your Bitcoin earnings.


The Smart Miner download is safe and secure and allows your device to mine 24/7/365.

When you RUN the Smart Miner Software, your firewall or anti-virus may pop up as “Malware”, if it does, create an exception so the software will run.

After you have RUN the software, you will be given an option to “Run Benchmark”. Do so. This will take several minutes to analyze your device.  When finished, you will know the expected earnings based on the current valuation of Bitcoin.

Then Click on Start Earning

The “Smart” setting is adjustable but the default setting is to run when you are NOT using your computer. It will run in the background but only mine when the computer is free. Like I said, it is adjustable and you can set it run 100%, 90% or other number or even OFF. (When mining, it could interfere with your computer speed.)


You may be wondering how to get access to the Bitcoin that you are mining.  Good point! You will need a Bitcoin address, and since you are mining, then you have one. But if you don’t, there are easy to follow instructions. Add this to your profile and that’s where you will be paid your Bitcoin.

How awesome to get Free Bitcoin! You can start mining in just 3 minutes!


This is also 100% free. The referral program allows you refer folks and they sign up just as easily as you. You will have a REFERRAL link that you can share with your friends, family, co-workers, anyone you can think who wants to benefit from the global currency that is Bitcoin. It’s free to them and you will get a referral fee in Bitcoin.

You can create more of a “win” for yourself by just referring folks in this program. As long as they have a PC, they are good to get FREE Bitcoin. And here is the best part, as long as you are both in the program, you will earn up to 10% of what they earn! 

This is a GLOBAL program. Cryptocurrency is more international but US is catching up. Start today and sign up for this FREE BITCOIN mining.