Fine Wines

Fine Wines delivered to your door! Who does this? A wine of the month club located in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys of California.  The Wine Ambassador Club owns and operates our vineyards. We are a debt free enterprise. No middle man! Our wine is shipped from our warehouse directly to you. Want to know more? Go here.

Fine wines for all palettes. What is your favorite? Are you a beginner wine drinker or are you a wine connoisseur? Do you like red or white? Have you ever tried rosé? Doesn’t matter as we have you covered.  Not only are we a full service club, we offer education and tips for your wine pleasure.

Champagne, anyone?

I am sure you can add to this list very easily.

Wine has always been a “special occasion” drink.  And the celebratory drink was usually Champagne wine.  Here’s a history lesson on “Champagne” that I learned courtesy of my wine of the month club.

Champagne has been around for centuries, and in the 17th, through 19th centuries, it was associated with royalty. 

Dionysius, from Greek mythology is called the god of wine even before this time. The Muses in Greek mythology are keepers of legends and inspiration for our fine, exquisite wines. Although we are not in the Champagne wine region of France, we will be happy with our sparkling wine. Moreover, we don’t have to pay the exorbitant prices of the Champagne name.

No need to feel you must justify drinking wine. There are all kinds of special occasions besides the obvious.  For instance,

  • Dining in
  • Dining out
  • Hard day at work
  • Meeting Friends for night out
  • Relaxing
  • Chatting on the phone

As I can order my Sparkling Wine with just a click, I always have wine on hand for any occasion I want.  .   I don’t worry about having exquisite wine on hand as I have it delivered to me each month. No more rushing around trying to find a suitable brand at a price I can afford. Our labels are just for my wine of the month club. You will not find them anywhere else. Join us by placing an order here and we will ship the finest wines directly to you. We have Great Low Prices!


Any occasion can be a special event with fine wine. The color of the wine is your choice although you need to be aware of pairing your wine and foods for the best taste combo.  Sipping wine if you are tired or just want to relax, choose your favorite. Is it red, white, or maybe a beautiful rosé. But to celebrate your food, the right color is crucial.

We will teach you about wine pairings and the art of wine as we have a Wine and Dine show on zoom every Wednesday Evening at 8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Our leaders and members cook their favorite dishes, live for your entertainment.  Then, of course, we showcase a wine from our exclusive club, to make the meal a celebration.


Our wine club has a goal. Taking our wine globally so wine lovers everywhere can enjoy a fine wine experience. However, we want our fines to be the finest that is produced. Easy on the wallet, and made convenient by delivering it directly to your door. And we have succeeded. We are shipping internationally. That’s really a feat considering the history of wine in Europe.

Our customer service staff are excellent, if you should need us.  And we guarantee our amazing wines. We are happy to answer questions. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Start here to have Fine Wines Delivered Monthly to you.  Celebrate every day to the fullest. Take time to enjoy your life experiences, you deserve a good life! 

There is one more way to make our Wine Club of the Month more appealing to you. You have the ability to get your wine FREE.  Refer 3 other wine lovers to our fantastic wine club and your wine will be FREE. (Will have to pay shipping). The 3 that you refer can do the same. See what I mean by full-service! We deliver the finest wine, directly to your door, at the best prices and we guarantee our product. And to top it off, tell 3 friends about your wine of the month club, and if they join, FREE wine will flow your way.