Farts: Funny and Awkward

Admit it, Farts are funny and awkward.  I know I am not the only one who has been embarrassed by unexpected “gas expulsion”.  Being of the female persuasion, I was taught how unladylike it was to break wind. Only men have that privilege, and then I was to ignore it and pretend it did not happen.  And that was ok, except for the smell. How can you not make a face when something so foul passes your nose? 

My friend remembers when her 2 boys were young, say around 4 and 7, and her husband (who is just a big kid) would snicker anytime a fart happened and of course the big kid has to get in on the game. But that was the way farts were handled.  You snicker behind your hands and be glad you weren’t the offender. And she adds, the older they got, the louder and funnier the farts! 

Dogs Fart

I am not sure that dogs know what a fart is.  I just know when they let loose, it seems to surprise them.  Their noses start twitching and they turn in circles trying to find the source.  Then they look at you with accusing eyes that say, what?  All the while you are trying to get them outside so you can fumigate the house.

Paw-Pourri: A Canine Tootralizer

Tootralizer is another term for fart, poot, breaking wind, etc. Whatever you have decided to recognize instead of the unseen fart.  Instead of neutralizing the stinky odor of a canine fart, we like the term tootralizer.  Just know that our all-natural dog chew will eliminate your dog’s gas.  Understand that our supplements do not reduce the amount of gas in your dog’s digestive system.  Gas production is a healthy sign the bacteria in your dog’s gut is breaking down the food he eats like it is supposed to.

Paw-Pourri goes to work after the smelly particles have been produced. The ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are absorbed by our natural ingredients which means the smelly gas is gone. So no more silent-but-deadly farts from your pet. 

Your pet will like these chews which are peanut butter flavored.  There are 30 chews per package. It is safe to give your dog every day.  Within 2-3 hours, the gas should be filtered so no more toxic air. It will last for about 10-12 hours.

Sneak-A-Squeak: A People Tootralizer

Everybody farts, or breaks wind, or toots or whatever you are comfortable with.  I thought for a long time that Fart was a dirty word, not to be uttered. Now, I learn that it is a healthy, natural bodily function. It is still embarrassing.

Since everybody eats, we all swallow air when we swallow our food. Air consists of gases such as nitrogen and oxygen. As we digest the food, a small amount of the gases go through our digestive system. When the food hits out large intestine and is broken down, it makes other gases such as carbon dioxide (makes soda fizzy), hydrogen and methane. Well, the gas has to go somewhere, behold the fart. The smelly part comes from the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia that resides in our large intestine.

The Original All-Natural Tootralizer

Sneak-A-Squeak is 100% safe for your use.  We use simple, natural ingredients that are completely safe

for your digestive system and eliminating the smelly components. Ingredients Like:

  • Coconut Charcoal Powder
  • Chlorella Powder
  • Yucca Root Powder
  • Zinc

This is the only product on the market that keeps farts from smelling.  IT DOES WORK! I know this is a funny and awkward subject. Only you know if you need this product for yourself or your dog.

Understand that Sneak-A-Squeak will control the smell but it does not stop the sound.  The smell-zapping effects will last 8-12 hours, taken about 2 hours prior. We guarantee this to work!  Prior means before your activity like going to exercise, date, meeting friends, well, you get the idea. All you have to do is control the sound.  Maybe cough behind your hand. Just an idea. Be sure to use your manners and say “Excuse Me”.

The tootralizer will take effect in about 2-3 hours after ingesting.  This is for people and dogs. Make your world air pollution FREE, at least from smelly farts.



Go here to order and find out for yourself. This is the real deal!