Crypto Mining Watch

Telehealth/Crypto Mining Watch is before its time. Combining health data for your body and mining for cryptocurrency. If you feel the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is “over your head”, let me assure you it is not. Here is the perfect opportunity for you to begin, or continue, your venture in to the World of Crypto.

Get ready for life-enhancing, body-sculpting, and financial gain with the latest and greatest WATCH ever!  Using medical-grade Life Sensing Technology™, this watch measures your body composition using a weak electrical current. And it is highly accurate.  Vyvo’s Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is:

  • Quick & Convenient
  • Non-invasive
  • Safe
  • Reports 18 different measurements

This BIA gives you a full understanding of your body composition, based on your analysis not someone else.  Take your weight for instance, it represents fat, fluids, muscles and even your bones. Once you understand your body’s total composition you can start losing weight, more importantly, that stubborn fat.

Before I go any further, I want you to understand that our telehealth/smart watch is not a medical device. Nor is it intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent disease. Always consult your doctor about your health concerns. Especially if you have pre-existing conditions.

Our Smart Watch, when set up properly, will help you monitor your body for optimal performance. If you are interested in losing weight, increasing your energy, keeping an eye on your overall daily health, then this is for you.  Just understand that our watch will be accurate and can be related to your doctor.

Personalized Health & Wellness Plan

Everybody is unique and therein lies the solution.  Your body composition needs specific solutions for what ails you.  Here are some examples:

  • Increases levels of vitality, energy
  • Assists in improving quality of sleep
  • Helps lower risk of getting chronic diseases
  • Supplies nutritional plans to optimize use of minerals & vitamins
  • Make changes for a better lifestyle
  • Regulates aging, and looking & feeling younger

Because one size does not fit all. You receive reports, plans and supplements based on YOUR needs.  What’s more, when you do need a doctor, your vitals are right at your fingertips, I mean wrist.

Your Reward for Wearing our Crypto Mining Watch

On the Ethereum Blockchain, the VyvoToken is an ERC-20 utility token. The wearable device directly captures your personal, anonymized Health & Wellness biodata in real-time. And creates a data streaming system.  This information may have an impact on future health, wellness and self-care. 

Pre-Launch for a Crypto Miner Watch is a way for you to get in on the ground level of cryptocurrency while taking charge of your Health & Wellness.

Join: cost for watch is $495 plus shipping ($527) and comes with 500 tokens, and 6 hubs.  Each referral is 200 tokens and $50 for first 2 joins.  After that the tokens will remain 200 but cash will be $100. 

After the pre-launch ends, tokens will convert to ERC20 and will be a 10-1. For instance, you buy a watch, and get 2 referrals to join, that is 500+400 tokens totaling 900 tokens. Since the 2 referrals elevate your position, your tokens will double to 1800 tokens. Now when the conversion takes place at 10-1, your tokens total 18,000. You can do the math, 18k x .75 =13,320. IS THIS A GREAT DEAL OR WHAT?

What you need to know is you will need to put an app on your smartphone to read the watch and collect your data. This is a subscription deal at $30/month. Your watch as you wear it, should mine enough crypto to pay your fee.  It might take a month or two, but it should happen. By the way, your first month is free.

Time is a Wasting! Join Now!

This is the basic financial part of joining the Pre-Launch for the Crypto Miner Watch. Cryptocurrency is new to a lot of folks, but we might as well get used to it. Cryptocurrency is an asset and is subject to capital gain taxes. We have education for blockchain, cryptocurrency on our website. Also, a crypto wallet that allows you to receive your cryptocurrency, convert to US dollars, and disburse. All with encrypted data for your security and no middle person to go through.

This is the bare bones information on the Pre-Launch for the Crypto Miner Watch. Hopefully, I have given you enough information for you to decide if you want to be part of our Crypto Mining offer. This is not the only cryptocurrency product on the truck. Right now is the time to get in on this amazing offer for the Vyvo watch, as the perks will go away after the pre-launch which will end soon.

Note: the join process can be confusing and I will be happy to help you. Contact me here.