Crafts and supplies are a treasure trove of tools and ideas for your crafting needs that you will find here. You will be find inspiration by the ideas that we share here. You will find DIY ideas for the seasons including videos, how-tos, and instructions from various contributors.

The Happy Flamingo: Crafts and Supplies

I want The Happy Flamingo to serve the do-it-yourselfer, the crafter of handmade goods and the activity organizer that can use an extra leg to stand on for your crafting needs. As a crafter myself, I know the enjoyment and pride of a project that is complete and well-done. It is a result of inspiration, education and determination to deliver a completed product that you are proud of.

I will strive to help you find the crafts and supplies to make it happen as efficiently as possible. A place to Inspire Creativity and Learn Crafting. Inspiration Mondays try to start the week with a theme, attitude, challenge to last the week. This would be a spring board for new ideas and products from the site.

If there is something you need and don’t see, be sure to ask. We would be happy to look for it and if possible, we will get it in the online store.