Coffee and Wine


What does your typical Sunday look like?  Sunday mornings are special, a coffee and wine day! It’s a day that you can sleep a little longer than you usually do. Your favorite breakfast coffee is brewing.  You wake up and smell the wonderful aroma of your breakfast coffee as it wafts through the house.   Immediately, you know that you must follow it to the kitchen and get a cup of that delicious beverage.  Ahhhhhh!

Sunday breakfast is special, usually a little more than the fare that you have during the week.  Pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Yum!  Worried about calories?  Not really.  The coffee that you use is a special kind of coffee, a magic coffee!  Its ingredients help you to lose weight.

Sunday is usually the day to spend with family. It is a day to relax and celebrate each other. What better way to celebrate than with a great dinner and a fine wine!

Sunday is truly a COFFEE AND WINE Day! Thanks to that special coffee, you can celebrate with your favorite foods and fine wines and keep off that excess weight.

What is this “Magic Coffee”?

Valentus SlimROAST OPTIMUM Dark Roast Coffee

Magic Coffee in the AM to lose weight and start the day Focused and Energized! Wine for the PM to Celebrate!

Health Benefits of Coffee

After water, coffee is the most sought after beverage in the world. It is drunk by 85% of the Earth’s population, and this percentage is still rising.

There are many health benefits of Valentus SlimROAST OPTIMUM Dark Roast Coffee. Take a look at this list!

  • All Natural
  • Burns Fat
  • Antioxidants
  • Increases Focus
  • Elevates your Mood
  • Reduces Sugar Cravings
  • Reduces Sugar Absorption
  • Regulates Fat Absorption
  • Promotes Brain Health
  • Dramatically Diminishes your Appetite

The best benefit is it will help you to lose 10-20 pounds of unwanted fat and inches a month. After reading the benefits of how coffee can help you, just GO HERE NOW AND PLACE YOUR ORDER

Wine for the PM to Celebrate!

“Coffee and Wine” are 2 popular drinks. Coffee provides many health benefits. Wine, as well, has several health benefits, too.

With our Coffee

AMAZING stuff that helps you FEEL GREAT, LOSE WEIGHT and INCHES – Get it Here. You will thank me forever. Just drink 1-2 cups of this great tasting, energy releasing and proven weight loss Coffee throughout the Morning. You should eat sensibly everyday and partake of a great dinner and specifically for date nights. You’ll look and feel great – all because of the addition of this Coffee!

With our Fine Wine of the Month Club

Your best Decision in “Fine Living” will be our fabulous fine wine. You’ll attain an appreciation for fine living, gain health benefits from our wine, and be able to share in the rewards.

Fine Wine

Rewards of Financial and Time Freedom!

You see there is a solution for every problem . And as I have always found with the Solution is a way to create an income. Solutions are where the Money is at. You can have issues of having a Cake and enjoy eating it and in a way that makes everyone better, we share it with.



Get set up for your Morning Energy and Lunge for Greatness. You’ll have less appetite, you will be set without having cravings and hunger pains. Your desire for sweets and unhealthy fats will diminish. Your Body and Mind will feel amazing. Just have 1 to 2 cups throughout the morning to early afternoon.

Eat sensibly, but know you can enjoy a Fine “Event” with Great Food, and Great “Fine Wine” and appreciate the time and company who are around you.



Order up 2, 4, or 6 Bottles each month. You will not beat this deal. We are telling about our Wine of the Month Club with folks every chance we get. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DESERVE! Want the lifestyle that Fine Wine brings, allows? AMAZING hand-picked Wines, (by Sommeliers) will be delivered to your door from California each month. Your choice of Red or White or maybe both.

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