All Things Pets and Their Needs

All Things For Pets and Their Needs. Your pets are a member of your family. As a member of the family, Love and Care are essential to a happy, healthy pet. Advertising for pet food highlights good nutrition to maintain Fido’s/Kitty’s health. But there can be issues that are not covered in those ads. It is not to the advertiser’s advantage to point out the flaws in your pet that can be socially unacceptable. But here you will find the information to correct the problem. We will aim to make you and your pet happier through the information that we share here.

Here you will find articles and products for all things for your pets and their needs.

Farts: Funny and Awkward

Admit it, Farts are funny and awkward.  I know I am not the only one who has been embarrassed by unexpected “gas expulsion”. Instead of neutralizing the stinky odor of a canine fart, we like the term “tootralizer”.  Paw-Pourri is a Tootralizer. Just know that our all-natural dog chew will eliminate your dog’s gas.  Paw-Pourri makes your dog’s gas not stink. So no more silent-but-deadly farts from your pet.  PS. There is a product for Humans, too! To read more how it works, click here.