Activewear for the Modern Woman

Activewear for the modern woman is more challenging than ever.  Women are just as active as men but we like to look better.  We can participate in sports activities or just be a fan. Women are more involved in athletics more than ever. We want specific clothing for our needs. You will find the perfect place to shop for athleisure wear.  Go here and see what I am talking about.

These days people lead active lifestyles.   Sportswear and Activewear are designs of fashion that cater to these people.  Sportswear is designed specifically to wear when you participate in a particular sport.  For instance, when I would go golfing,  I would wear a golf skort and golf polo shirt.  Activewear refers to clothes that transition from exercise wear to casual wear.  I would wear a pair of sweatpants and a top to exercise class and afterwards may go out with the girls for a cool drink.

Athleisure is a hybrid clothing of sportswear and activewear designs.  It is a versatile style of clothing which combines the two styles mentioned.  Specially designed to wear during athletic activities and in other settings, such as school, social activities, and at the workplace.   Yoga pants, tights, sneakers, leggings and shorts are considered Athleisure outfits. Basically, they look like athletic wear, but are really fashionably dressed up sweats and exercise clothing. Now you can go to the gym to work out and still be ready for the rest of your day, be it shopping or lunch with the girls.  

Her Journey to Queendom

The designer of our line of Athleisure wear was embarrassed by the outfits that she was required to wear as a NBA dancer. She wanted a line of sporty clothing that was comfortable, yet feminine and functional.  Her 25 years of ballet training gave her an intimate knowledge of the female body.  She chose fabrics with fit and feel in mind.  One of those fabrics which she developed herself was Milky SilkTM . It is a soft, buttery fabric and feels like silk. But it is durable when worn and is washable. Her crop tees are made of this fabric.

Since she was a professional dancer for Dallas NBA , her focus was professional sports.  She has several licenses for professional and collegiate teams.  There are more pending. Go here to see her selection of teams available.

She has other fashion lines that are not designated sports.   For instance, the Star Collection is charming and her Rock n’Roll Collection is adorable. And, if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, she really has you covered!

She includes in her fashion line: leggings, tops, shorts, crops and other accessories. (Still wearing masks to the games? We have those, too.)  Your wardrobe can include mix or match, colors, and design collections. Plus, we have a gym bag to carry your athleisure wear.  Our leggings have pockets for cell phones and money, so your hands are free.  But if you need more “stuff”, we have a fanny pack just made for you.

Core Values of Her Brand

The symbol of her brand is a Queen chess piece.  This chess piece can move in any direction and is truly female in attitude.  The Queen chess piece is a fitting representation of our core values: female empowerment and limitlessness. 

Our Queendom Values

  • Empowerment – A smart woman is bold, courageous and shines her light, shares her gifts and doesn’t let anything stop her.
  • Sisterhood – Women who know who they are, lift up their sisters, and give sisterly love and encouragement.
  • Her Glow – She is healthy, vibrant  and alive.  Confident and body aware, feels great about who she is – on the inside and the outside.

With Kadyluxe fashions in your wardrobe, you can feel comfortable in your clothes and look fantastic, too! So wear them at the next BBQ event or Tailgate party. You can participate in a game of QB54 (a backyard football game). Playing this game requires a lot of movement: throwing the football, blocking it, maybe even some tackling another player. You will be able to mooooove in your clothes that feel good and fit well. Who says that women can’t play football!

More POWER to us Women!!!