About Me

I would like to share some thoughts About Me.

Like what you do and do what you Like.

For 43 years, I taught math to middle school students. I loved teaching math and I loved teaching my students. I always tried to make learning math enjoyable and fun.

Like what you do and do what you Like.

I am a crafter. I enjoy making things. Making cards, making quilts and table linens, machine embroidery, these crafts and more give me enjoyment.

Like what you do and do what you Like.

I have since retired from teaching school. My husband, Rick, found the ad for the Performance Blogging System (PBS, for short). He shared the info with me. I always enjoyed working on the computer so I was really interested with getting a website to work with. The opportunity to make extra money was an incentive too. So we jumped in with both feet, so to speak.

Like what you do and do what you Like.

I like working on my PBS. This is my business. It has many different products. Our business, MR Enterprises, has a GOAL and a MISSION to follow for our customer friends. My personal motto is , you guessed it, Like what you do and do what you Like! If you follow this motto, it is not really work, it is enjoyment.


Our goal is to bring you unique, amazing, and affordable offers. Offers to enrich your lives and contribute to your well-being.  We hope you will return often to see what we have discovered since your visit.

We hope you will enjoy trolling through the menu of MR Enterprises. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. You can find us through our social media links or better yet, sign up on the right for our email updates.


With our Online Mall, we want to bring you a multitude of offers that save you lots of money.  Our offers are genuine products, usually from entrepreneurs just getting started, and have great life-enhancing ideas. 

You will find offers that will make you money if you are willing to work and be teachable. We have a system that is tried and true, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Just climb on board and enjoy the ride!

This is about me ’cause I Like what I do and do what I Like!